Join the Union

How to Become a Member

Making a monthly investment in the union and become a member is easier than ever before.  

Using Affinipay, which is a secure payment transaction site, is now accessible here, and can be set-up for recurring monthly payments..

All members who want to invest in the union on a  monthly basis should click here.  On the page you will find the instructions on how to sign-up for deductible membership fees on a monthly basis. Payments are collected on the 15th of the month unless you request a different date.

PayPal is now accessible through our website for dues collections on payday.  All members who want to have their dues collected on payday  should click on the tab PAY ON PAYDAY tab.  On that page you will find the instructions on how to sign-up for deductible dues payments on payday. PayPal accepted a PayPal account, credit or debit card. 

Special Note: Once you become a dues paying member you will have access to the Members Only tab (there are 3 bars that will appear next to Members Only tab when you log in. Hover over the bars to access the different pages) which gives you access to Contract Updates,  Newsletters and need to know information. This information will only be forwarded electronically via the Members Only tab.  Information will be posted on the Members Only tab and sent to your email.  Please provide your personal email address.  Do NOT use your DPSCD email account.  It must be your personal email account in order for you to receive Member information. 

Only dues paying Members have the rights to attend meetings, vote in elections and vote on approval of contracts. Let your voice be heard. 

Members have the use of the Union on all matters whether it is a contract violation or not. It is a privilege that is not given to a someone who is in an OSAS position but has not become a dues paying Member.  Because you pay dues the Union pays your dues to the Metro AFL-CIO and American Federation of School Administrators. Attached is a Benefit for belonging to OSAS as a Member.  There is not additional cost. This benefit is only available to dues paying Members. Please download and fill-out. You may fax or mail to our National. The information is on the application form. This benefits are active as long as you are an active Member. Please email the Union when you have submitted the form. We need to track and assure we are paying dues attached to your name.